Leslie Willmott | Wardrobe Strategies for Career, Travel & Casual Lifestyles

Wardrobe Strategies for Career, Travel & Casual Lifestyles

Susan Koop

By on Jul 28, 2013

“Bad shopping habits, combined with my fluctuating weight and tricky figure, made for a crowded closet comprised of either years worth of clothes that didn’t fit at all (tags still on) or clothes that “zipped up” but were the wrong cut, color and fabric. I had a wardrobe that wasn’t on par with how I needed to present myself professionally and I feared it would hold me back from closing deals or receiving further promotions. I’m happy to say that after working with Leslie and her calculated approach, my wardrobe now matches my VP title, and the biggest measure of success has been the comments I receive from my colleagues. And her ongoing support for special event and travel clothing choices that I’d otherwise stress over is an added bonus.”

Susan Koop, Sales Executive, Brooklyn, NY

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