Leslie Willmott | Wardrobe Strategies for Career, Travel & Casual Lifestyles

Wardrobe Strategies for Career, Travel & Casual Lifestyles


Whether you are reaching for the next level in your career, embracing a lifestyle change, or planning the next big trip, our goal is to give you the confidence to make the clothing choices that make the best impression. Our services include individual wardrobe strategy sessions, personal shopping, travel planning & packing. Customized group programs are also offered.


Individual Services: We start with a complimentary 30-minute telephone meeting in which we discuss your needs and determine the best steps to take to reach your goals. Prior to our work together, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire – your “Image Profile” – so we understand your lifestyle, your current wardrobe, where and how you shop, and your budget.

Note: Services below can be grouped into a package. Some services can be delivered virtually — we connect through email, photos, FaceTime or Skype.

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Personal Color, Style & Image Assessment


Discover what looks best on you and why . . . and receive an Image Action Plan.

Looking great is about bringing your best features forward! Your consultation begins with a review of your completed Image Profile. Then together we:

• Identify the best colors for you to wear based on your personal coloring.
• Define your body type and the styles that are most flattering for you.
• Identify key components of your personality that define your unique style.
• Recommend clothing and accessories that support the personal or professional image you want to convey.


Closet Consultation: Audit, Edit & Organize


Imagine a well-edited and organized closet, maximizing your current wardrobe and minimizing your future expense!

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time! A closet overflowing with clothes you don’t wear slows you down . . . and if you don’t see it, you won’t wear it! Together, we go through your closet and evaluate your current wardrobe for the season, considering your best colors, styles, and lifestyle needs:

• Determine which items to “keep”, “alter”, and “donate/consign/retire”.
• “Shop” your closet, style new outfits with the pieces you have, and create a “Look Book” for future reference.
• Make a list of items you need to fill any wardrobe gaps.
• Provide guidelines on how to display, store, and care for your clothes and accessories . . . plus maximize your closet space.


Personal Shopping


Pretend for a moment you have access to your own personal shopper. No impulse buying, no remorse! Buy fewer items that you will enjoy wearing more often!

We help you find the right clothes and accessories to add to your wardrobe based on a shopping plan, your personal style and fashion preferences, and your budget.

• We pre-shop prior to our session to maximize our time together.
• We show you how to combine your new purchases with what you already own.
• If you don’t like to shop or don’t have the time to, we do it for you, choosing items for you to try on and select at home.


Travel Planning & Packing – It’s a suitcase, not your closet!


Picture yourself traveling in style and comfort . . . and with ease.

The amount of clothing you take is NOT in proportion to the length of your trip! The key is to pack light with a few versatile wardrobe pieces. As your personal packing experts we:

• Show you what to take from your closet – be it for a vacation or business trip.
• Recommend specific wardrobe items and share travel tips for your destination.
• Show you how to pack in only one carry-on suitcase for a one- to three-week trip.

Watch Leslie’s Smart Packing & Travel Tips video series created for Smart Travel Press (www.smartpacking.com) and eHow.


Seasonal Updates or Special Occasions

Wardrobe needs change by season and you have specific goals for special occasions. Contact us for help in looking your best at all times.


Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate for a family member or friend for any of the services above. She will be so grateful!