Leslie Willmott | Wardrobe Strategies for Career, Travel & Casual Lifestyles

Wardrobe Strategies for Career, Travel & Casual Lifestyles


“I’m happy to say that after working with Leslie and her practical approach, my wardrobe now matches my VP title, and the biggest measure of success has been the comments I receive from my colleagues. Leslie’s ongoing support for special event and travel clothing choices that I’d otherwise stress over is an added bonus.”

Susan, Brooklyn, NY

“I have always had a well-defined sense of personal style, but all that seemed to fall flat when I relocated from San Francisco to Asheville, NC. Talk about change – suddenly I had a new lifestyle, a new closet to organize, and new weather to contend with! My existing wardrobe seemed completely inappropriate for my new surroundings and I just didn’t have the budget to toss it all out the window.
Leslie conducted an audit of my closet. We kept the pieces that I love and would continue to wear and we readied the remainder for donation. Then we went shopping! I personally found one dress that I loved but it was expensive. Leslie pointed out that I could create the same look with a skirt I owned and a new top. Then she proceeded through the racks with ease and found some bargains to complement my existing wardrobe and ready me for the season. I walked away with eight pieces that cost just $50 more than that one dress! Now I have a wardrobe that has been deliberately distilled and carefully curated so I can get ready for any occasion with ease and confidence without compromising my personal style.
In short, Leslie is brilliant. She listens, always does what she says, and is tenacious with follow-up (like insisting I get simple alterations done so I can actually wear what’s in my closet). Make an appointment, you won’t regret it.”

Diane, Asheville, NC


“Leslie was a huge help when I had to pack for my first trip to Paris. I kept hearing her wise words ‘a suitcase is not your closet’ in my head as I began to put together my wardrobe. She also made me feel okay about wearing my staple black pants over several days with different tops and using easy-to-pack scarves for color versatility. Locals asked me for directions in French, so that tells me I did a great job in my clothing selection. Also, sticking with layered mix and match colors helped me manage the various weather conditions we experienced. I had plenty of room left in my bag for items I bought shopping. Thank you, Leslie!”  

Heather, Maplewood, NJ

“Fashion has never been comfortable for me. Because of bad shopping habits and my fluctuating weight and tricky figure, I had a wardrobe that wasn’t on par with how I needed to present myself professionally.
Working with Leslie to understand what styles, colors, and fabrics look best on me put structure and comfort around building an optimal professional wardrobe. We edited my closet and what a relief it was being guided by an expert! We determined what should stay and what should go and Leslie pointed out what to alter for a better fit. Of the items that passed the test, Leslie put together seven new ensembles that I would have never thought of – it was like gaining seven new outfits for free!
Leslie identified some staple items I was missing and led me through how to shop for them, what to look for, and what to avoid. I now have guidelines from Leslie to help me make the most out of my current wardrobe and make wise future purchases…and my wardrobe now projects the professional look I was seeking!“

Susan, New York, NY


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